Park Policies

Rules & Policies for the Park

Esports Arena Guidelines

Game Up Community Guidelines
By using our computers, you are choosing to adhere to our Guidelines.

  • Please be advised that Game Up staff reserve the right to check your PC at ANY TIME during use. Tampering with the computers or the ggLeap Overlay will result in a PERMANENT BAN. No refunds will be issued for offenders.
  • Sexually explicit content is FORBIDDEN and will result in your account’s termination along with a permanent ban. No refunds will be issued for offenders for this offense.
  • Absolutely NO downloading games that are not on the PCs. If you would like to have a game added or would like to recommend one, please refer to us at the front desk. We want to make sure we get it installed in the right directories.
  • Help us keep Game Up clean and please remove your garbage when you leave. We thank you and the community thanks you.
  • Please be respectful to each other as well as our equipment. It’s okay to rage but settle it in the game (ya scrub)! Also, you will be charged for broken peripherals.

PlayPort Rules

Safety Rules

  • Have FUN!
    Be social, make friends, and have fun!
  • Socks Only!
    Everyone is required to wear socks (children & infants).
    No shoes or bare feet. If you forgot your socks, we have new socks you can purchase for children and infants. If your child loses their socks, you must replace them with another pair immediately. If you do not have a spare pair, you can purchase a new pair. This is required.
  • Play Nice
    No rough play, no running, and no fighting allowed. Parents and children who do not respect the rules of the facility will be immediately asked to leave. No refunds will be granted.
  • Be under 52’’
    Play area & rides are designed for children 52 inches and under. For their safety, no adults should play on the rides or play structure. You are responsible for any damage caused to our equipment. If you have any older or taller children attending with your group, they WILL NOT be permitted into the playground.
  • Adult Required
    Parental supervision required at ALL Times; this is not a day care, and no drop-offs are allowed. There must be one legal guardian responsible for monitoring your child at all times while they play in our facility.
  • Outside Food and Beverage are NOT Permitted
    Only baby formula, milk, and water are allowed. Children are not to be fed in the play area. Pre-made meals/outside food/baby pouches, etc., are NOT allowed to be brought in.
  • Waivers are Required Prior to Entry
    The waiver of liability assumption of risk must be signed before participating in any activities.
  • Common Courtesy
    Children who are coughing or visibly sick should not be brought into the playground. Any children visibly deemed to not be feeling well will not be allowed entry. We take the safety & well-being of the children playing very seriously. Children with casts or recent medical conditions: we do not advise playing at our facility; however, the guardian legally makes that decision on behalf of the children & accepts all responsibility.